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My Covid-19 Protocols:

Covid-19 protocols for  Massage Therapy and Yoga Classes:

* If you are sick, STAY HOME! Cancel at the last minute if necessary –I’m happy to reschedule!

*If you don’t have a mask, call me at 269-85-4170 before entering the building. I will run one up to you

* You must wear a mask upon entering the building, in the hallways, and in my office. If you are lying face-down on my table with your face in the face cradle you may remove your mask –ONLY IF you are unable to breathe easily.

* I always wear a mask in the hallways, or if I'm in my office with anybody else. I wear a mask and a face shield when working.

* Our building is cleaned once a week by a professional cleaning service.

* I personally sanitize the stair rails, door handles, elevator buttons, elevator handrails, and the handrails leading from the first-floor entry of our building to the basement; the faucet handle, the toilet flipper handle in the basement washroom; light switch covers, doorknobs, coat rack and waiting-area chair arms, surfaces in my own office that clients might touch, prior to each session. Random people come & go in our building - I try to clean as close to your arrival time as possible.

*I clean my massage table and face cradle rack with disinfecting wipes after each massage. I use fiber face cradle covers under my standard face cradle cover, over the sanitized face cradle pad, for each massage.

* Until the Pandemic is free & clear, I am no longer doing outcalls to homes or rental cottages.  I am continuing to work at select Bed and Breakfast establishments whose Covid-19 safety protocols I trust. 

* I am only offering classes for individual Yoga students (i.e., one person at a time)  in my office.  Students must bring their own mats. I disinfect any props we might use.

* I wash sheets with bleach and detergent on the hottest setting and dry sheets on the hottest setting possible. I wash blankets on the hottest setting after each use.

* A HEPA air purifier (appropriately sized for my office space) filters air particles as small as .3 microns out of the air every hour, and runs all the time.

* I am monitoring my own feelings of well-being (or not), taking my temperature every day before work, and canceling appointments if I should not feel well.

* I pledge to cancel all appointments and self-isolate if I should learn I've been exposed to Coronavirus. 

Marianna Maver, M.A.T.,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-200

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher (TIYT)