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Marianna Maver, M.A.T.,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-200

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher (TIYT)


[email protected]

Hours by Appointment

**** In my office, or at your home, rental cottage or B&B. Please note my outcall policy below.

****I travel!! I'm happy to come to your home, rental cottage or B&B, as well as your workplace for any of these offerings. Please note my outcall policy below.

I am available for chair massage, table massage and Yoga classes for:

*Birthday parties 

*Pamper weekends 

*Girls' getaways 

*Bachelorette parties 

*Wedding party relaxation events (i.e., "day-of")

*Corporate wellness days 

*Workplace chair massage events 

*Regularly scheduled chair massage or Yoga classes at your workplace 

*Business travelers

-- See Massage Therapy rates below and rates for Yoga outcalls on the Yoga Instruction page.

Massage Therapy Rates:

In-studio rates:

30 -minute problem area:  $40.00 

60-minute treatment:        $75.00 

90-minute treatment:      $110.00

****Table Massage Outcall rates:

30-minute problem area:    $45.00

60 - minute treatment:       $80.00

90 -minute treatment:      $115.00


I am happy to book outcalls with couples vacationing in West Michigan, or with groups on weekend getaways, women's pamper weekends and the like, as outlined above.   

For my own safety, I do not book single "outcall" massage appointments with men I don't know who are looking to have that massage take place in their home or hotel room.  Please feel free to schedule a massage appointment in my downtown Holland office, conveniently located in the River Avenue Professional Building.  

Thank you for your understanding. 

Seated Massage Outcall Rates:

-Parties of 3 or more: 

3-6 massages per 75 minutes, i.e., 

Six 10- minute 

Four 15- minute

Three 20- minute massages,

(Allowing switch-over time between clients):


Fees pro-rated for additional time beyond 75 minutes.    



Though I still happily accept payment by cash or check,  I now am able to accept 

all major credit cards!   

Massage Testimonials

"Best massage; you're the best...." -- Cheryl S., Arlington Heights, IL

"I think... this is...the best massage I've ever had...!" -- Michele, Indianapolis, IN

"This is the best massage I've ever had, and I get a LOT of massage!" Susan, Guelph

The Benefits of Relaxation through

Massage Therapy or Yoga Practice

Why Yoga? Why Massage?

When your body-mind is stressed, it creates hormones which have an irritating effect on the immune system. The immune system will automatically mobilize to fight the irritation caused by these elevated stress hormones - this weakens your body's overall ability to fight disease. Research shows that receiving regular therapeutic massage, or practicing Yoga regularly, stimulates a relaxation response in your body-mind which improves the way your immune system works. When your body is more relaxed, your immune system doesn't have to put as much energy into fighting that irritation, freeing it to deal more efficiently and rapidly with factors outside yourself (bacteria or viruses you might come into contact with, for example) that might cause your body to break down or get sick.

Additionally, both therapeutic massage and Yoga-practice have been shown to:

Enhance circulation in the muscles 

Increase flexibility 

Tonify the joints 

Assist in flushing toxins from the body 

Give you greater ease of motion 

Increase feelings of well-being 

Decrease depression and anxiety 

Diminish chronic pain 

Help balance your nervous system 

Increase your ability to concentrate 

Make you feel GREAT!

And this is just to start. Yoga and massage offer many more distinct benefits, too! To find out more, call me today!

Marianna Maver, M.A.T.,

Licensed Massage Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT-200

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher (TIYT)


[email protected]